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 Ellen's Mustang

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PostSubject: Ellen's Mustang   Sun 06 Jul 2014, 1:01 am

Revell Ford Mustang GT , 1/25

Built oob, cept for dropping the front suspension a few milli as the nose sits too high on this kit and there's too much space under the wheel arches otherwise, couldnt use the twin stripe decals as they just didn't fit, bit disappointed how high the hood lifts too, put some effort in under there and now you can't see it

I had a reason for building this kit

Many years ago I was a member of a community forum, it was a hangout for people who just wanted somewhere to chat, play silly forum games, share pics or YouTube vids, tell jokes, etc, generally have a bit of a laugh

About 5 years ago it sort of imploded under behind the scene politics and lots of people left, it coincided with Facebook kicking off so a gang of us have kept in touch on there

Ellen was born and bred in Houston, Texas although her parents are Japanese immigrants, who went there in the late 70s and opened a restaurant, and I have never come across anyone who has such a wicked sense of humour as Ellen, never ever ceased to make me smile or laugh

I have the habit of having a photo album for models on Facebook and whenever I build something nice I share it in the album so my non-model making friends can see what I'm up to

Ellen had once asked if I had ever built a 2006 Ford Mustang, as that was what she drove. At the time this Revell kit had only been out a year or two, I told her that once I got hold the kit at a sensible price, I would build it and send it to her

I never got the chance to keep the promise, 6 months later Ellen passed away, she wasn't even 30 years old

Knew she had been ill with cancer, she often said she was so sick with the chemo that she couldn't leave her bed for days, and other times she was so full of life that she really made the most of it. She never told any of us that the chemo wasn't working

May sound strange but she had such a personality that she left a huge hole in a lot of people's lives

Finally got round to keeping my promise, although it has taken me a few years, whenever I look at it in the show case I shall think of Ellen and the good times

It hasn't got any license plates cos once I get some ink for my printer I'm going to make some 'ELLE1' plates

Elle-Chan, my wonderfully crazy and so badly missed friend, this one's for you

''Broadsword calling Danny Boy.....................Broadsword calling Danny Boy''

2009 A:72 B:31 C:4....2010 A:50 B:27 C:21....2011 A:45 B:25 C:2....2012 A:25 B:19 C:2
2013 A:25 B:15 C:2....2014 A:29 B:16 C:0....2015 A:28 B:21 C:1....2016  A:20 B:13 C:1
2017 A:19 B:7 C:12.....2018 A:7 B:3 C:1

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PostSubject: Re: Ellen's Mustang   Sun 06 Jul 2014, 1:19 am

It looks great Paul.

But even if it didn't, I'm sure your friend would have loved it. So sad to have died so young. RIP.


Success always demands a greater effort.” Winston Churchill

"Success is failure turned inside out"  Unknown
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PostSubject: Re: Ellen's Mustang   Sun 06 Jul 2014, 2:06 am

So sad Paul.  People just aren't supposed to die so young.  Your tribute to her is outstanding.  Remember, your true immorality is found in the people who remember you.  Obviously to you she is immortal.  John

John Johnson

"My second childhood is so much more fun than my first."
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PostSubject: Re: Ellen's Mustang   Sun 06 Jul 2014, 3:16 am

Very nice. As John said you can tell she was important to you.
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PostSubject: Re: Ellen's Mustang   Sun 06 Jul 2014, 10:15 am

Nicely built, tidy looking model Paul.

For someone to make such a positive impression in another's life, even having not met them, just shows what a special person they were.
Ellen sounded like an inspirational and very brave young woman, I'm sorry she's not here for you anymore Paul.
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PostSubject: Re: Ellen's Mustang   Mon 07 Jul 2014, 11:15 am

Very nice tribute sir   
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PostSubject: Re: Ellen's Mustang   Tue 08 Jul 2014, 2:15 am

Very good work and powerful story behind it. Nothing can touch our lives like a few special people. Memories help us each keep them alive and still doing good. I'm beginning to tear up again, sorry.
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PostSubject: Re: Ellen's Mustang   

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Ellen's Mustang
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